Benefits Of Traveling The Oregon Trail

Benefits Of Traveling The Oregon Trail. During this unit we will explore the broader ideas of the oregon trail and focus on several what were the costs and benefits of people's decision to move on the oregon trail? Made the oregon trail which kept them traveling through there.

Benefits Of Traveling The Oregon Trail
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The oregon trails west rv park in baker city is the closest camping site to the oregon trail, sitting about 6 miles from the oregon trail interpretive center. If you were traveling in a car for 8 hours every day at 62.5 mph, you could travel the oregon trail in four days. While the oregon trail led people to oregon, parts of the trail were also used by people traveling to other locales out west.

As wagons headed west, this trail became after traveling 2,000 miles, everyday clothing was typically worn out.

The trail was the only way for settlers to reach the west coast via land and over 500,000 have made the trip with ox. There are no differences other than the starting money and the points bonus at the end of the game. There are three difficulty settings: The farmer is by far the best choice for a high score.

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